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Telco Brand BUZZME Celebrates 3rd Anniversary @ BEAN BROTHERS, Sunway Damansara

Telco Brand BUZZME Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With Major Brand Upgrade

Buzzme announces exciting new reward plans and promotions to target younger users, and key strategies to take on the regional MVNO market.

Petaling Jaya, 25 August 2016 – With a vibrant new logo, a new tagline and an updated website, the team from mobile prepaid telco Buzzme announced the brand’s revamped new look as well as shared big expansion plans on Malaysia’s MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) market and beyond.

Held at hip coffee café Bean Brothers located in Sunway Damansara, the brand re-launch event was held in conjunction with Buzzme’s 3rd anniversary celebration, and included in attendance members of the media, brand partners, social and business influencers, and guests.

Mr. Loke Yee Siong, CEO of Enabling Asia Sdn. Bhd. & Buzzme

Spearheading the team were Mr. Loke Yee Siong (Buzzme's Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Kewell Yap (Buzzme's Chief Business Controller), and Mr. Andrew Kok (Buzzme's Head of Consumer Marketing), who via a sharing session revealed Buzzme’s comprehensive update and refresh exercise including user plans, reward programmes and brand expansion objectives so as to rejuvenate the entire business portfolio.

[L-R] Mr. Andrew Kok, Head of Consumer Marketing of Buzzme; Mr. Loke Yee Siong, CEO of Enabling Asia Sdn. Bhd. & Buzzme; Dato Seri Dr. Eric Yap, Chairman of Enabling Asia; Mr. Kewell Yap, Chief Business Controller of Buzzme

As an in-house brand of MVNA (Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator) pioneer in Malaysia and ASEAN, Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd (known for partnering U Mobile), these updates come at a time when Buzzme is re-identifying its core values and position in the telco market that is increasingly competitive. In order to stay relevant in the telecommunication industry, the team at Buzzme acknowledge the need for better products, plans, promos and rewards, and researched into both the Malaysian and regional MVNO market in ASEAN.

Buzzme Senior Management Team with BuzzStyle Campaign Elite Partners

[L-R] Mr. Andrew Kok, Head of Consumer Marketing of Buzzme; Mr Vincent Eyu, Director of Lancelot Tea Guild; Mr. Loke Yee Siong, CEO of Enabling Asia Sdn. Bhd. & Buzzme;
Dato Seri Dr. Eric Yap, Chairman of Enabling Asia; Mr. Kewell Yap, Chief Business Controller of Buzzme; Mr Alex Yee, Director of ZTE Malaysia; Ms Tan Kai Li, Founder of La Pétales Beauty Consultancy


Among the core values of Buzzme as identified by the core team, include providing customers with the strongest, fastest mobile service; breaking down communication barriers; and helping customers stay connected to loved ones.

Team Buzzme celebrating Buzzme’s 3rd Birthday

In a commitment to upholding the 3 core values, Buzzme proudly presented its new logo and new tagline “beyond mobile. enriching life.” at the anniversary celebration: “As we prepare to transform ourselves into a regional MVNO, the new logo provides Buzzme a coherent brand identity, and at the same time reflects the diverse yet inclusive nature of the brand by harmonizing and respecting the different perspectives, lifestyles and cultures of the region,” emphasized Loke.

[L-R] Cedric Loo (Actor & Model); Yein Chan (Professional Makeup Artist); Davina Goh (Actess & Emcee); Mr. Andrew Kok (Head of Consumer Marketing of Buzzme); Diyana Hashim (Radio Announcer); JayWalia (TV Host & Singer); Matt Ong (Radio Announcer & Actor)


Buzzme prides itself for providing customers with a rewarding experience. For example, Buzzme is the first in Malaysia to provide 20% credit back whenever a customer consumes data, voice and SMS traffic at a pay-per-use rate. This credit is given in the form of reward points, which can then be used to redeem airtime credit or discounts from the m8 online store at

By providing customers with a rewarding experience, Buzzme aims to position itself strategically as an irresistible product, making it the first choice over other prepaid products on the market. Among some of the exciting new rewards Buzzme users can look forward to include:

Smarter Bundles - 1st in Malaysia to offer well-rounded packages to prepaid subs, with data, voice minutes and SMS at an affordable price Unlimited Validity - 1st in Malaysia to offer subscription plans with free validity Cheaper Reloads Online - 1st in Malaysia, customers get to enjoy better reload value through top up online Delightful Rewards - 1st in Malaysia to offer 20% credit back for pay-per-use’s traffics Reload Indulgence - 1st in Malaysia to offer Reload Indulgence programme Free PA Insurance - 2nd in Malaysia to offer personal accident coverage of up to RM100,000

Buzzme’s Reward Indulgence programme rewards its customers with five benefits whenever they reload. Customers will enjoy free 500MB data, double credit during their birthday month and free Personal Accident Insurance coverage in the following month with a minimum reload of RM30. Customers who reload online will also receive free 30% extra credit. Finally, customers will stand a chance to win BuzzStyle prizes if they reload RM100 or above.


With its new look and innovative marketing strategy, Buzzme is hopeful that it will capture its target audience: Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials. “With our value-for-money plans and lifestyle rewards, we’re positioned as a great deal for lifestyle-savvy, always connected youths. Youths are also more open towards online shopping, providing another avenue for us to connect with our target market. We have partnered with a number of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and brands, providing our customers with unique rewards that can be found nowhere else.” said Loke.

Among the reward plans users can look forward to is the BuzzStyle campaign, whereby with a minimum reload of RM 100, Buzzme subscribers will stand a chance to win prizes from one of the nine Buzzme Elite Partners including Ambersze London (Ladies Fashion), Breakout Malaysia (Escape Game), Centro Hair Salon (Hair Salon), Eranthe L Iconique (Makeup & Styling), JC Group (Insurance), Lancelot Tea Guild (F&B), La Pétales (Beauty & Spa), Sandisk (Memory Solution) and ZTE Malaysia (Mobile Device). In addition, Buzzme are also currently running a weekly Share & Win contest on Facebook with attractive prizes to be won.


Not satisfied with being a player on the local market, Enabling Asia and Buzzme embarked on a journey of regional expansion in Quarter 2 of 2016. Current expansion plans will cover five countries – Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and in 2017, the Philippines and Myanmar. These five countries, with a population of 500 million, make up 80% of ASEAN and have an estimated 130 million internet users.

As part of this regional expansion, Enabling Asia will be introducing the regionalized product, 1 World, 1 Simcard. Once rolled out across all MVNOs, Buzzme subscribers will be able to use and purchase prepaid add-ons at the country they are in at local rates without having to purchase and swap to a local simcard upon arrival. Instead, Buzzme subscribers traveling abroad will automatically be assigned a local number, allowing them to stay connected with friends and families residing abroad or back home without worrying about exorbitant roaming charges. 1 World, 1 Simcard will definitely bring Buzzme to a greater level and one step closer to become the World’s Local Mobile Provider.

By going international, Buzzme aspires to build up the brand’s equity alongside its common reload currency, m8. The end goal is for Buzzme to become South East Asia’s first regional MVNO. With the materialization of its expansion plan, customers can soon expect to see the familiar brand of Buzzme overseas, as well as top-up via m8 reloads at any 7-Eleven stores or E-pay touch points whenever a customer is on-the-go.


In the near future, Buzzme will be looking to provide even faster mobile Internet speeds as it launches its 4G LTE service later this year. A new hybrid prepaid service that is on par with offers by other major telecommunication providers is also in the works.

Buzzme also took the opportunity to thank its partners, dealers, attendees and the media. “The success of Buzzme’s relaunch is thanks to the support of all our stakeholders. We look forward to further collaborations as we continue to grow the brand into Malaysia’s largest MVNO,” said Loke. The anniversary party ended with a bang with a blowout of birthday candles and 3 lucky winners walking away with brand new ZTE phones.

While the MVNO market continues to see competition where even the larger telco networks continue to face challenges, Buzzme as a new player sees opportunity to provide its products and services as an exciting and viable option to consumers. Besides ongoing improvement to its network solutions, Buzzme will continue to leverage on its position as an MVNO to offer affordable prepaid services, unique rewards and subscription plans with unlimited validity, proving Buzzme to be the better, smarter choice for mobile prepaid. “Buzzme has never intended to counter the competition in the industry, but we are always committed to delivering products and services on par with market expectations, if not better. We want to set out own goals while considering that the limits to grow are on us, and not others,” said Loke.

All attendees at the event received Buzzme prepaid starterpacks, which are now available for purchase online as well as at a number of mobile-telco stores all over the country and are priced at RM 10 and RM 30.

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