Sunday, 18 December 2016

“NOW EVERYONE CAN COOK” Secret of Easy, Quick & Healthy Recipes @ SPARGO MILLS

They are proud to introduce the Spice Base and Coconut Base Products which using only genuine premium quality herbs, spice and natural power. And, these products are exclusively selling on Home Deal online store ( & FB:

o added MSG, artificial preservatives, colouring or filler, our product comes from traditional recipes, not only to present the authentic taste but also promote healthy lifestyle.

Product Feature :

1. No Cooking Required ! Pudding Base

Asia's first coconut-inspired crème molle dessert! The phrase crème molle literally means "Soft Cream" in French, a reference to the dessert’s wonderfully soft and creamy consistency. Made from premium-grade genuine and natural coconut cream powder, its special formulation also includes quality plant-based ingredients.

This coconut-inspired pudding dessert is guaranteed to be a welcome addition to any dessert lover's kitchen. You can easily whip up this crowd-pleasing dessert whenever you need one, whether for family gatherings or parties. 

Crème Coconut Pudding 
(Original, Pandan and Yam)

2. Spargo Mills - Spice Base

They spice base products comprise all natural genuine ingredients with no added MSG, colouring, fillers or preservatives. This is the only premium natural semi-finished base in powder form which can create many varieties of authentic food recipes.

All spice base are manufactured and packed under hygienic conditions. The natural fresh herbs and spices are oven roasted dried. Each spice base is specially formulated and blended to achieve the respective authentic flavor.

Meat Curry Premix 

Sambal Tumis Premix
Satay Marinade Premix

3. Spargo Mills - Coconut Base
If you're looking for a quick, no-fuss way to add creamy coconut goodness to your culinary creations, your search ends here.

With their line of coconut base products, they've made cooking with coconut super easy for you. Crafted to deliver the best flavours, these products are made from premium imported coconut powder that is absolutely natural and genuine. In fact, they contain no colouring, essence, fillers or preservatives.

Formulated using the latest technology, this coconut base is 100% water soluble and double strength, which makes it highly effective at enhancing the taste and texture of savoury dishes, desserts and beverages.

Instant Coconut Mix

About SPI

SPI Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2002. The company was established to manufacture and distribute premium quality, natural semi-finished bases to businesses in various food and beverage industries.

In 2004, they spearheaded the launch of a range of bases that are simple and fuss free to prepare. With the launch, they solidified our standing as a pioneer of premium quality, natural products with authentic tastes that meet market needs and demand.

In 2014, they launched a range of coconut-inspired products, including a coconut cream base, nasi lemak premix and crème Puddinbaze. This is another testament to their market research and development capabilities to spur innovation and ultimately business growth.

About Home Deal

Their primary intention is to create awareness and promote good quality Malaysian products.

Not only do they hope these products will enable fellow Malaysians to know more about local brands, they hope to bring these brands to the world and let them feel the taste, crafts and warmth of Malaysia.

They always believe Malaysian brands that are cultivated with heart, mind and sincerity will continuously spread love, hope and appreciation.

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