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JUST SEAFOOD @ Sunway Giza Mall, Petaling Jaya

Since its establishment in late 2014, Just Seafood has served the best of seafood, from crabs and prawns to oysters and mussels, brought in fresh daily. Just Seafood pioneered a new way for Malayisans to savour the seafood dishes at its freshest served on-table style in three sauces - Louisiana Cajun, Butter Milk and Creamy Peanut.

"Just Seafood strives to serve only the tastiest and freshest of seafood at our outlet" said Terence Ham, the founder of Just Seafood. "As a country so close to the sea, Malaysians are no stranger to seafood. But to entice seafood lovers, we offer new ways and styles of preparing such dishes. Our set meals are catered for 1-2pax, 3-4pax, and 5-7pax. A typical set includes meaty crabs, giant prawns, extra large prawns, large clams, Chilean mussels, squid, potatoes, carrots, corn, and rice or toasted bread.

Louisiana Cajun Style Seafood

Just Seafood's signature sauces are inspired by flavours from the USA, Vietnam and Malaysia. The Louisiana Cajun style, unknown to many, was made popular by the Vietnamese in Louisiana. Terrence and his chef, who is Vietnamese, perfected their version of the Louisiana Cajun sauce, which has just the right amount of thickness. Currently, this is their best selling sauce.

Butter Milk Style Seafood

Their Buttermilk sauce is also very well-received. Just Seafood spares no expense when it comes to their ingredients - a whole bottle of buttermilk is whisked into its special blend and its flavour is also enhanced with freshly plucked curry leaves.

Creamy Peanut Style Seafood

The Creamy Peanut is inspired by Malaysian's favourite satay dish that comes with the spicy peanut sauce. However, Just Seafood's peanut sauce has been completely reinvented to blend with seafood so you can expect the aromatic nutty taste while savouring the sof creamy notes with just the right hint of heat.

All these are served off the table and patrons are encouraged to use their hands to eat so that they can both see and feel the freshness.

Another specialty that they have is live oysters imported from USA. The oysters very fresh and juicy so delicious. Buy 4pcs, get 1pc Free, buy 7pcs, get 2pcs Free, buy 12pcs get 4pcs free, really worth dining with more friends to get more free.

Live USA Oysters RM 18 / Piece

"The irony is that I used to sell chinaware before I set up Just Seafood. I decided to do away with all the formalities of dining with tableware and cutleries so that patrons can really focus on the food and have a good time in a relaxed and casual atmosphere" said Terrence

Mussels RM 49.00

Deep Fried Seafood Basket RM 47.00

The restaurant is completely pork free and has an open kitchen concept so the cooking process is transparent and good hygiene is priority. The two storey outlet offers its patrons various seating options indoors and alfresco for patrons to fully enjoy their meals.

Ribena Bubbles RM 9.00
Ice Lemon Tea RM 7.00

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