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Superior Grade “Japanese Green Tea” From Kyoto, Japan @ ILOHA BANGSAR, KUALA LUMPUR

When asked if anyone had Green Tea before, many thought that green tea is just a tea and it tasted the same. However, Japanese Green Tea does more than just a tea we know. Good quality and premium Japanese Green Tea don't just taste nice and sweet. It also provide lots of vitamins and benefits.

Green Tea Contains :

Catechin - Causes the astringency / bitterness of green tea. It has sterilizing power and regulates the intestinal action. Reduces the risks of food poisoning, cancer and other life style related diseases.

Amino Acid ( Theanine ) - Gives mellowness of the tea. Theanine is an amino acid found only in the leaves of the tea plant ( Camellia Sinensis ). It moderates the effects of caffeine and reduces mental and physical stress to produce feelings of relaxation. Highest grade teas contain more amount of this amino acid.

Caffeine - Stimulates the central nervous system. It temporary wards off fatigue and drowsiness and restores alertness. Furthermore, it has a diuretic effect which leads to a constant elimination of toxic substances from the body.

Vitamin C - Prevents cold and is effective in clearing the skin. Green tea contains about three times as much vitamin C as spinach. Moreover, vitamin C found in tea can tolerate more heat.

Vitamin A - Moistens the skin and strengthens the respiratory and digestive systems.Tea contains 10 times as much Carotene ( also called pro vitamin of Vitamin A ) found in carrots.

Vitamin E - Anti Aging.

Fluorine - Also ingredient of toothpaste, prevents cavity.

Minerals - Regulates metabolism.
And of course it tasted so much sweeter and the aroma is refreshing !!!

Maiko No Cha ( Maiko Tea ) originated from Kyoto, Japan with our winning Gyokuro tea is now available in Malaysia.

MaikoTea has for 5 times won the highest award possible at the Nationwide Tea Exhibition sponsored by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Japan.

At the Kansai Exhibition, also sponsored by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, MaikoTea has won first prize 6 times in succession.

The company has also been awarded first prize of the Uji Tax Auditors Office 5 times for the outstanding condition of the company's books and records.

Because of the first prize awards given by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry at nationwide tea exhibitions, the city of Kyotanabe, the locality of Fugenji, and the company Maiko Tea became known throughout all of Japan as producing the highest quality Gyokuro Green Tea.

              1) Yamashita's Gyokuro"Yashiki no Cha"
              2) Gyokuro "Fugenji-Midori"
              3) Sencha "Shuppin-Sencha"
              4) Susuricha Gyokuro
              5) Karigane (Kukicha) "Matsu"
              6) Genmaicha "Hanafubuki"
              7) Houjicha "Kaori Fumi"
              8) Shiawase Cha (Maccha Kelp Genmai Tea)

Maiko Tea is now available to be purchased in ILOHA. 

Don't Miss Out !

ILOHA Culture Centre Sdn. Bhd.

“Just 1 min walk from Bangsar Village II”

21-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur,  

03-2202 2800

Wed-Sun: 9am-6pm, Closed On Mon & Tue


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