Saturday 30 November 2019

It's Time To Start A Custom VR Cardboard Project ? Let Them Do The Design For You, Easier, Cheaper & Lighter @ 3Sixty VR Cardboard

PJ and Mr Juan one of the founders of Urban Nomads. They are a group of product designers that aims to help improve and propel the world with affordable, well-designed little gadgets and 3Sixty VR Cardboard is one of those things. When they talk about things that will lead the technology trend in the next decade, a few things pop up: AR technology, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5G internet, Blockchain and of course Virtual Reality Technology.

Virtual Reality is basically a technology that allows anyone to be anyone, anywhere, at any point of time. Simply put on a virtual reality device, all of a sudden you could be a samurai roaming along the streets of Tokyo in the 19th century, or Indiana Jones climbing the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

Compared to a proper VR Kit, a custom VR Cardboard is:
1. Easier, cheaper and faster to mass produce
2. Easier to customize as the raw materials are just cardboard pieces
3. Lighter, less bulky and easy to carry around

On average, a VR Kit:
1. Costs around RM1700.00
2. Weights 0.8kg
3. Needs to be paired with a computer or laptop
4. Branded with Oculus or HTC logo

Solution of Google Cardboard

They saw the opportunity early on and quickly assembled a team. They also found some strategic partners who could help them mass produce.

Do you want to start a custom VR Cardboard Project but not sure how? Let them guide you step-by-step

1. Design you custom VR Cardboard
They guide you through the design process and before you place your order, they will send you a mock-up image of your branded VR Cardboard.

Once they have finalised the final artwork, they will commence production immediately. Production takes around 5-10 days for smaller quantities and longer for bigger quantities.

They will arrange for delivery once the production is complete. Depending on your location, delivery may take up to 10 days.

They understand that you will want to get your custom VR Cardboard quick. Upon receiving the final artwork, they can finish producing your order within as low as 10 days. Unlike most manufacturers, they allow minimum orders as low as 100.

As one of the biggest manufacturers in Asia, their production cost is much cheaper. And they pass on the savings to you - with no middle agents involved, you are sure to receive the best, direct factory pricing.

Maybank Malaysia, Heineken Malaysia, Monash University, Staffordshire University, Google Malaysia, Qattro Australia, Nippon Paint Malaysia, Siemens South East Asia, Maxis Malaysia, Exabytes Malaysia, Buro Malaysia, Timberland Malaysia.


Selina Roy 
Brand Manager at Maybank Malaysia 

“They found out about 3Sixty from one of the agents who helped planned our Maybank 360 Gold Tour Event. They delivered the product days before the time they originally promised them.” 

Mr Juan had no idea what a VR Cardboard is at the beginning at all. PJ helped his design a simple branded VR Cardboard and turned out their boss liked it. It was a huge success and their clients were pleasantly surprised.

Marie Sander
Head of Marketing Department at Qattra Real Estate Development Australia

“They were really happy with how their designs came out printed on the VR Cardboards. The team at 3SixtyVR worked with them to make adjustments based on our designs. They kept them updated with frequent check-ins around timing on the production and delivery of the units. Their clients absolutely loved the end product!!”

Mr. Same Tham
Creative Director at Cr8 Studio Malaysia

Why not Check Out their past projects?
Not sure about the Quality of their work? 
Why not request a Free Sample?

Express Design
Need their VR Cardboard fast? Just send them your logo and the colour you desire, They will create a mock-up for you in 24 hours.

Let them do the design for you, 
Not Quite READY Yet?
or just want to get an idea of the cost?

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